Aryabhatta Group Overview

Aryabhatta Group of Institutions was established in the year 2002 by a group of highly educated, dedicated and reputed icons from the field of Education, Business, Industry and Social work. We believe in the inclusive development of our pupil such that they provide positive influence in the fields of professional as well as social realm of our Nation. The Institutes under the aegis of Aryabhatta Group of Institutions are:

  •  Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education
  •  Aryabhatta College of Management
  •  Aryabhatta College of Engineering and Research Centre
  •  Aryabhatta World Sr. Sec. School
  • Aryabhatta College of Pharmacy
  • Aryabhatta Center for Emerging Technologies
  • Skyward Academy

Aryabhatta Group of Institutions is founded with the principal aim of introducing innovative methodologies in the field of education. Our goal is to make progress in traditional education system in a comprehensive manner like incorporating the inputs from industry, moral aspect of our students, motivational programs, entrepreneurship development assistance to students etc. It has been our continuous endeavor to improve and modify our teaching methodology, recruiting dedicated professional faculty and designing course structure in a manner so as to meet the growing aspirations of our students while also catering to the demands of the industry. Aryabhatta Group of Institutions is proud of its efficient and methodical faculty in its various Institutes, who pass on their Sincerity and Discipline to our students.  There is a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing every individual student via mentoring program for his/her wholesome development. Our excellent corporate relationship also helps our Institutes get the best professionals as faculty members, guest lecturers, motivational guidance etc. We have also included the faculties from other universities and institutions in our panel of guest lecturer to impart best exposure to our students.

Aryabhatta Group – Core Values and Edge

Aryabhatta Group  – Driven by a sutra

 “Excellence through Continuous Improvement”

Core Values:

Aryabhatta Group has its campuses in Ajmer the Holy city of Rajasthan and the famous tourist and religious city in north-western India. The 20-acre campus combines unique classical architecture and thoughtful layout and landscaping to create a perfect learning ecosystem. The campus is located at the prime and institutional hub of Ajmer and is well connected with all parts of the city. Aryabhatta Group is driven by the spirit of innovation-led research. This is spelt out in infrastructure as well as practices. The multifaceted research encompasses subject-specific exploration as well as the contexts of the business environment in which our students will operate and perform. Aryabhatta Group is known for a strong research culture and close industry linkages. Aryabhatta Group aims at creating valuable resources for industry and society through its interventions in creation of research and innovative culture, academic and professional enhancement and cultural enrichment.

Aryabhatta Edge:

  • Academic integrity and accountability
  • Respect and tolerance for the views of every individual
  • Attention to issues of national relevance as well as of global concern
  • Breadth of understanding, including knowledge of the human sciences
  • An unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise
  • Strong research orientation and culture based foundation
  • Sustainable development and responsible education
  • Internationally accepted pedagogy

Institutions of Aryabhatta Group are Spread Over: More than 10,00,000 square feet of constructed area.