Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

MBA in HR has acquired the status of one of the most preferred MBA courses in India, more so for female candidates due to their generally strong command over soft skills. Managing and retaining the best human resources at the work place has become a challenge and therefore the demand for candidates who have done MBA in HR is growing year after year in the corporate and industry.


With an increased recognition of the critical issues in managing human resources in business organizations, the specialists – MBAs in HR are in demand today for deploying their skills to hire, manage and retain talent in these dynamic & challenging times.
MBA in HR equips the candidates with the process of hiring, training, retaining and managing the work force for the organization. Classroom learning is focused not only on theory but on student discussions, case study analysis, presentations, simulations games, assignments, HR lab and action learning projects, which complement the classroom inputs by throwing light on the practical dimension of the profession.

Graduates of this program are qualified for various executive positions in:

  • Human Resources Development,
  • Personnel Management,
  • Industrial Relations,
  • Labour Welfare,
  • Recruitment & Selection,
  • Compensation Management,

The course is ideally suited to those who wish to develop a reasoned and analytical understanding of human behavior in organizations. We will examine human processes, the individual in the organization, group dynamics and influencing others, and organizational processes and practices.