Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management


The Industrial policy of 1970s onwards was heavly focused on the small enterprise, because it was clear from the past experience that the solution to a healthy economy is not a few Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas, but rather the small business owners who’re in millions across the nation. Thus, entrepreneurship slowly developed as a culture in India.

Now, anyone can start a business but it needs a leader to be truly successful. An important goal of of the MBA in Entrepreneurship is to introduce students to others who are also either starting or running their own companies or businesses. This MBA programme will help students avoid many of the most common mistakes often experienced by new entrepreneurs when starting and running businesses. Students will learn a multitude of critical business skills, including the methods of coping with the uncertainties of the business world, the organizational strategies necessary to companies and the tactics of investing.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship moulds the students into the leaders of tomorrow.


MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed to equip students with the requisite skills, knowledge, and networks needed to become entrepreneurs and innovators. The program builds in students the ability to create business ideas, develop these ideas into product and service offerings, and then design a commercial venture to take business ideas to the market.

Students are aided in developing knowledge in important areas of entrepreneurship including learning how to plan and commercialize their business ideas, how to seek venture capital financing for their ventures and how to develop commercial business organizations.


After completing MBA in Entrepreneurship, a wide number of job opportunities will be open for you from a variety of fields. Some popular career options after MBA in Entrepreneurship includes:

  • Business consultant
  • Business reporter
  • Business Analyst
  • New Venture Developer
  • Department Manager
  • Corporate Supervisor


However, the real strength of MBA in Entrepreneurship lies in the understanding of the way Entrepreneurs live their lives. They’re encouraged to be masters of their own lives, and this pushes their spirit towards the path of self fulfillment through entrepreneurship. They’re motivated to set up their own business with their own business idea, or their own unique formula.